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Pathway to Everyday Life Human Services, Inc.
OCYF Licensed Agency Provider

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Who We Are

We are committed to enhancing the quality of 'Everyday Life' for every child.

Pathway operates  a licensed transitional living and supervised independent living facilities for children referred by Pennsylvania county offices for Children and Youth Services.  We also accommodate emergency respite/shelter, 24/7 on call service.  


Children placed at Pathway for a short and long period of time depending upon the goals of placement, while their family circumstances are readied for their return or an alternative setting can be found.


We provide twenty-four-hour care for male and female children, 16-21 in our transitional and supervised independent living facilities.  We provide 1:1 staffing ratio for children who needs additonal daily supervision.


We assist youth in learning new ways to take responsibility for their choices and develop a positive self-concept, enabling them to learn to have hopes, and dreams and work toward a happy, meaningful, and successful life. 

We prepare young adults for an independent successful and productive adult life. Critical components of our program include individual attention, structure, recreational activities, behavioral support, outsource services for psycho-educational groups, individual/group therapy and strengthening family relationships.


Our Mission: To proactively provide the highest quality, home-friendly haven for youth in a structured environment that will allow them to engage in the building of healthy relationships, work on themselves, and have a productive life.


Luzerne County,  Pennsylvania, USA

Tel: 484.209.9981   Fax: 484-214-0088

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